Paradise Park 6.2.20

Key Stage One children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Paradise Park recently. Their topic last term was all about dinosaurs, and the children thoroughly loved seeing ‘real’ dinos in the park safari! They first explored the informative museum, discovering ancient fossils and the earthquake simulator. They even managed to find dinosaur skeletons over a million years old!

Next, the children travelled through the exotic cacti gardens and looked at the miniature local landmarks. It was interesting to find out more about our local history as well as creatures from the Jurassic period.

After lunch, the children took their art books to sketch the dinosaurs, taking their time to include all the precise detail and size of the monsters.

Zach in Year 2 said, ‘seeing the dinosaurs was my favourite part because I learnt lots more about them!’ By the time they returned to school, the Key Stage One children were exhausted after all the exploring and learning they did on the trip!