Fresco Painting

Dalmatians’ class are currently learning about Pompeii and the disaster caused by Mount Vesuvius. To set the scene, the children drew and painted their own ‘fresco’ artwork. Frescos were paintings on walls and ceilings in rich Roman villas in Pompeii. As the classroom ceiling is too high, the children taped paper underneath their desks and laid down when designing their artwork. Their paintings had to include a typical Roman person, a snake and a peacock. This is because these are some of the common pictures found in frescos.

It sounds as though they found it difficult as Henry said ‘trying to draw and paint laying down made my back and neck sore!’ Rufus added, ‘the hardest part was the painting because if you put too much paint on the brush, it would drip down on our face’. Luckily, the paint managed to stay on the paper rather than over everyone!

The colourful creations will be on display in Dalmatians’ classroom, so make sure you look above your head when you visit!