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2017 -2018        
Mr Darren Carpenter Co-Opted Governing Board 29.01.16 -28.01.20 Chief Financial officer, Diocese of Chichester Academy Trust

Finance & Premises

Health & Safety


Mrs S Marshall Authority Local Authority 2.10.18-1.10.22   Teaching and Learning  
Mrs Aisha Dickson Parent Elected by parents 23.10.15 - 22.10.19 Parent

Leadership & Management

Teaching and Learning 



Mr John Herbert Co-Opted Governing Board 01.01.17 - 31.12.21 N/A

Vice-Chair of Governors

Finance & Premises

Pupil Welfare, Church and Community

Health & Safety

Ms Jennie Fellows CO-OPTED Governing Board 07.02.19-06.02.23 N/A    
Mr Dave Orpin Staff Elected by staff 11.11.16- 10.11.20 Staff member

Finance & Premises

Health & Safety

Pupil Welfare, Church and Community

Mrs Susan Thompson Headteacher Governing Board 01.04.16 -  Headteacher   7/7
Mr Tom Wakeford Parent Elected by parents 23.09.16-22.09.20 Parent

Chair of Governors

Leadership and Management

Teaching & Learning

Rev David Wallis Foundation Ex-officio Diocese of Chichester 01.06.07 -  Ex-officio

Pupil Welfare, Church & Community

Mrs Verity Brown Clerk to the Governors Diocese of Chichester   N/A    
Mr Mike Coward Local Authority Local Authority 31.08.18   Left 7/7
Ms Brenda Harrett Co-Opted Co-Opted 02.10.18   Left 4/7
Rev. Nicol Kinrade Associate   02.10.18   Left 5/7
Mrs Nina Mackay Foundation   29.11.17   Left 5/7

* Governors are usually elected or appointed for a period of four years.

**Associate governors do not have voting rights.

The Governing Board operates a system of Working Parties, these groups do not have voting rights.  There are no committees. 


Ditchling (St Margaret's) CE Primary School Governing Board 

The Instrument of Govement of Ditchling (St Margaret's) Voluntary Controlled Church of England Primary School provides for ten governors in the following categories:

1. Two parent governors (elected by parent body)

2. One LA governor (appointed bt ESCC)

3. One staff governor (elected by staff)

4. One Headteacher (ex-officio)

5. Two foundation governors (one ex-officio, one appointed by Diocese)

6. Three co-opted governors (apponited by Governing Body)

Associate governors are appointed additionally as needed


Governor Role

Governors are people who wish to make a positive contribution to the school and the education of its children. The Governong Board's overriding responsibility is to work in partnership with the Headteacher to promote continuous improvement in the school's performance. This involves working with management and staff to formulate an improvement plan, setting challenging but achievable targets and interpreting information to assess progress and to monitor appropriate action.

Linked to its improvement role, the Governing Board is there to be a critical friend which is a balance between supporting and challenging the performance of both the Headteacher and the school. Part of the role of the Governing Body is to ensure that the school is accountable to the children it serves, to their parents, and to the staff it employs, and also to its local community and those who fund and maintain it.

Governor Responsibilities

The Governing Body as a whole has a number of responsibilities, some relate to;

  • Supporting and leading the school in developing its Christian values and ethos
  • Ensuring the requirements of the National Curriculum are implemented
  • Setting policies
  • Monitoring the annual budget and ensuring best value is achieved
  • Recruitment, and selection of the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher, and employment of staff
  • Ensuring the fabric of the school buildings are kept in good order

Governor Interests

Governors are required to declare any business or other interests which they may have in connection with the school. The DfE guidance on the constitution of maintained school governing bodies says that the register should set out:

  • The relevant business interests of governors
  • Details of any other educational establishments they govern
  • Any relationships between governors and members of the school staff including spouses,partners and relatives

Governors at Ditchling (St Margaret's) CE Primary School complete an annual declaration of interests and are required to declare any changes to this at every Governing Body meeting. This information is recorded in minutes of meetings.

Code of Conduct

Governors also sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to these conditions. This is available on the website.

Governors' attendance at FGB meetings 

The Governing Board holds seven meetings per school year, plus a training session.


To contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Wakeford, please contact the school office on 01273 844130 / office@ditchling-ce-prim.e-sussex.sch.uk.

Governor Meeting Minutes

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