1/2 Dalmatians


Dalmatians’ class are currently learning about Pompeii and the disaster caused by Mount Vesuvius. To set the scene, the children drew and painted their own ‘fresco’ artwork. Frescos were paintings on walls and ceilings in rich Roman villas in Pompeii. As the classroom ceiling is too high, the


Key Stage One children enjoyed a fantastic trip to Paradise Park recently. Their topic last term was all about dinosaurs, and the children thoroughly loved seeing ‘real’ dinos in the park safari! They first explored the informative museum, discovering ancient fossils and the earthquake simulator


Y1/2 and R/1 Years One, Two and Reception have been making stunning clay dinosaurs. To create them, they moulded clay into any dinosaur shape they wanted and pushed dry pasta into the clay to add a tail or horns. After they had dried, they were painted in an enormous array of colours. A Reception ch